New Castle County
Hockessin Athletic Center
Chandler Funeral Home
Harvest Market
Hockessin Business Association
Wild Birds Unlimited
Luigi’s Cafe
Stanley Steamer
US Male Barber Shop
Greg LaVelle, State Senator
Hickory Hill Civic Association
Limestone Veterinary Hospital, Inc.
Charter Oaks Civic Association
William M. Burris III
Greater Hockessin Area Development Corporation
Prima’s Pizza and Pasta
Mr. and Mrs. W. Kenneth Cavender
Fox Meadow Civic Association
Wilmington & Western Railroad
Ms. Mercedes Diaz
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Dowling
Mr. and Mrs. J. Wayne Merritt
Mr. and Mrs. Albin Huss
Mr. William Rose
Mr. WR Hazzard
Village of Manley
Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Gregory Swift
Ms. Jane D. Long
Mr. and Mrs. John Quinlan
Ms. Frances Slater
Mrs. Dawn R. Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest C. Linsay
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Garner
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Shealy
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Censurato
Mr. and Mrs. Alan W. Nicholls
Ms. Kate Shanahan
Ms. Karen A. Michel
Anonymous Donor
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley J. Luszcz
Ms. Jillyn Schulze
Mr. Jeremy Garey
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Thomas Sherron
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